ComputeUK offers Professional advise to clients for the disposal of redundant computer equipment in line with the WEEE directive.


Fast efficient collections for Businesses and Organisations of all sizes. We collect throughout the East of England click on Recycling Map for the complete areas we cover.

Waste transfer note to comply with the environment agency.

Hazardous Waste consignment note to meet your legal obligations under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, RoHS, regulations.

Full audit report detailing Date, Address, Hard drives destroyed, Manufacturer, Serial Numbers, Hardware type and Description.

All traces of origin including tags, logos, labels, stickers and identification marks are removed.

Data destruction certificate to certify that all data has been destroyed on hard drives.

Recycling on redundant equipment in line with the WEEE directive. To view the items we recycle click on Items We Recycle.

Refurbishment on redundant equipment for resale. Where possible we endeavour to refurbish and re-use as much equipment as possible to assist in the reduction of waste.


By offering a recycling service we consider it part of our undertaking to assist clients reduce their electronic and electrical equipment waste stream. As well as a recycling service we also like to encourage and promote the reuse of computer equipment. Our policy ensures that everything we process is dealt with environmentally. No harmful components are sent to landfill, and no harmful waste is sent overseas for disposal.



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Environment Agency Waste Carrier Reg no. CBDU58401 ¦ Environment Agency License no. NC2/061517/2019