Hazardous Waste

Hazardous wastes are the most dangerous wastes. They can cause the greatest environmental damage or are dangerous to human health. CRT Monitors, LCD Monitors, All in One Computers and Laptops can be classed as hazardous waste under the Hazardous waste regulations.

ComputeUK is registered as a hazardous waste producer allowing us to transport and receive hazardous waste at our processing site.

Before any hazardous waste leaves your premises a hazardous waste consignment note must be completed, we normally complete these on behalf of the customer.

The consignment note consists of Part A NOTIFICATION DETAILS including your hazardous waste producer number (if applicable). Part B DESCRIPTION OF THE WASTE including the weight of the hazardous waste. Part C CARRIERS CERTIFICATE signed and dated by us to confirm collection. Part D CONSIGNORS CERTIFICATE signed and dated by you to confirm acceptance. Part E CONSIGNEES CERTIFICATE signed and dated by us to confirm acceptance of the waste.

A copy of the hazardous waste consignment note will be left with you (this document must be kept for 3 years) it will need to be presented to the environment agency if inspected.

ComputeUK makes quarterly returns to the environment agency giving information on all the consignments of hazardous waste received during the quarter. The environment agency charges us a fee for each consignment recorded on the quarterly return.




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Environment Agency Waste Carrier Reg no. CBDU58401 ¦ Environment Agency License no. NC2/061517/2019