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ComputeRecycling is a division of Compute (UK) LTD. Established as a Limited company since August 1997, supplying a wide range of systems and components to household users, companies and organisations throughout the UK, and organising computer fairs throughout the East Anglian region.

We are located at 23 Holt Road, Fakenham, Norfolk. NR21 8BW. Telephone number 01328 856272. You can Email us at recycling@computeuk.co.uk.

We're open Monday-Friday 10am til 4pm.

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ComputeRecycling was formed in September 2006 in response to growing demands and regulations to minimise the impact of redundant computer equipment on the environment, our purpose is dedicated to the provision of reuse and recycling services to household users, companies and organisations throughout East Anglia, Home Counties and East Midlands. As part of ComputeUK we have over 10 years practical experience within the computing industry.

Our policy ensures that everything we process is dealt with environmentally. No harmful components are sent to landfill, and no harmful waste is sent overseas for disposal.


ComputeUK is registered with the UK Environment Agency:-


Waste Carrier Reg no. CBDU58401 - Allowing us to transport specialist waste from a clients base back to our processing facility.

Waste Management License Reg no. NC2/061517/2019 - Enables us to repair and refurbish WEEE so it can be used for its original purpose. Includes treatment, recycling and the storage off WEEE.




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Environment Agency Waste Carrier Reg no. CBDU58401 ¦ Environment Agency License no. NC2/061517/2019